Farm Slurry Lagoon Emptying

As you know, tMembrane lined reservoir desiltingraditionally farm slurry lagoons are emptied by first stirring the slurry, and then extracting it to slurry tankers ready for spreading on the land.

There are three  main problems with this;

1) It is time consuming

2) Not all the slurry can be removed from the lagoon without damaging it’s liner

3) Additional water is required

Using our pumping system, we can drain your slurry lagoon right down to the liner without damaging it, without the need for stirring and because we can move 80% solid material using compressed air, very little (if any) additional water is required, and in these times of drought, that’s a massive bonus!

To restore your slurry lagoon back to full capacity, call Peter on 01553 611834 or 07768 234336

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