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Flood Damage Cleaning Company

Professional Flood Damage Cleaning Contractor

Flood water can contain many particles, large and small. Flood water can also carry sewage as the drainage system overflows and this sewage can be carried into your property. The first step in water removal and damage cleanup is to remove the mud, silt and sewage that is deposited in your property, be it a commercial business or a private home.

As the deposits from flood water contain contaminants, it is best to remove it as quickly as possible. Shovelling the mud, silt and sewage by hand is time consuming and hazardous.

Using our specialist silt pumping equipment, which acts like a giant hoover, we can remove water and deposited solids extremely quickly. The pumping machinary we use is the only equipment available in the UK that can pump water, mud, silt and sewage from restricted access locations, all in one operation.

If you have been affected by recent flood damage, tell your insurance company to contact Jex Plant as we can quickly and safely remove all the water, mud, silt and sewage, deposited by flood water, from inside buildings, aiding you in your flood damage clean up.

Jex Plant is the only UK company that can pump water, mud, silt and sewage out of properties speeding up the water removal and damage cleanup operations.

If you are an insurance company looking for a flood damage companies, Call 0845 689 0007 or 07768 234336 to find out more about how we can quickly remove silt and sewage from properties throughout the UK, helping reduce the cost of flood damage cleanup.


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