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Professional River & Canal Dredging Contractors

As a leading dredging contractor, we can use several different dredging techniques, to dredge rivers & canals. Without dredging these waterways, they would eventually silt up. 

This can impact the boats travelling on our rivers & canals, by affecting their movement, as well as impacting the level of quality of the water. 

You will see in the video (JEX Plant UK Ltd: River & Canal Dredging) we can dredge these rivers and canals by removing the silt – using a barge to an offsite area. Our unique pumping system enables us to empty the barge contents to nearby farmland or other areas offsite.

In certain circumstances, we can also pump silt directly from a pontoon to the holding area.


What Is River Dredging & Why Is It Important?

River dredging entails the removal of material build-up that has settled on the river bed. Often build-ups in silt, sludge, mud and waste material can limit the water capacity of the river and if not attended to can become the cause of localised flooding. 

Often rivers break their banks and overflow when the river bed is not clear enough to house all of the water itself. Other issues that can arise are build-ups of plastic and waste materials that have flown downstream and get stuck when they aren’t able to pass over or around the built-up masses. This can be hazardous for the environment and a disaster for local wildlife. 

For those using rivers for boating and fishing activities, high amounts of silt can prevent fish being caught or even able to survive, and there have been instances where boats have become beached on mounds of material underneath the surface of the water. 

River dredging is essential because it decreases the possibility of flooding, allows boats and leisure crafts to move with ease and reduces the environmental impacts by clearing and preventing waste amassing in one area. 

According to the Canal & River Trust, the following rivers will have funding for dredging works to be carried out over the 2020 period:

And annual dredging was needed will take place at these locations:

  • River Weaver
  • Ribble Link
  • River Severn
  • River Thames
  • River Mersey
  • River Trent



What Is Canal Dredging & Why Is It Important?

If we don’t dredge canals, there will be a build-up of silt that could grow in height under the water so much that boats and barges may not be able to get over it. The water won’t flow properly and could begin to harbour waste which could be harmful to the environment. Areas that need dredging often have fewer wildlife, bad water quality and a pungent smell.  

Canal routes are places of beauty, and the surroundings and waterways should be well kept and maintained for those who use them. 

In April 2019, funding was announced for the canals and waterways around the UK, and they are set to receive 8 million in funding to dredge waterways to keep them navigable for boaters. 

According to the report, the locations where dredging was most needed was – Oxford Canal, Grand Union Canal, Upper & Lower Peak Forest Canal, Macclesfield Canal, Monmouthshire & Brecon Canal, Coventry Canal, Worcester & Birmingham Canal, Llangollen Canal and Chesterfield Canal. 

Who We Are – About Us

Jex Plant UK Ltd is a British silt pumping and dredging company with nationwide coverage. Located in Kings Lynn and covering the whole of the country and overseas on request. We specialise in Lake Dredging and Pond Desilting – regarded by many as the UK’s leading experts on Lake Restoration and large Pond Cleaning.

Individuals, charities and government organisations can use us as their canal dredging or river dredging contractor. We provide silt disposal, silt dredging, and silt pumping services in both natural and artificial rivers and canals. 

Clients Who Benefit From Our Services

  • Environment Agency
  • Waterboard
  • Golf Courses
  • Waterways
  • Landowners
  • Farmers
  • and more

Should you require river or canal dredging contractor services, please contact us to discuss your requirements. We are always happy to discuss our unique method & how it can benefit you.

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