Membrane or Clay Lined Reservoir Desilting

Over time a membrane or clay lined reservoir will silt up, reducing the overall capacity of the reservoir. Desilting a reservoir  periodically, will return it to it’s original capacity.

However, desilting a membrane or clay lined reservior can be tricky. If you don’t want to damage the membrane in the process, then using traditional dredging methods will cause damage during the operation. This can cost you more than you bargained for.

At Jex Plant, we are the only company in the UK that has the equipment and expertise to desilt membrane or clay lined reservoirs without causing damage to the membrane. Using our unique silt pumping methods we can remove the silt from your reservoir quickly and easily. We are truly the membrane or clay lined reservoir desilting experts!

If you have a membrane or clay lined reservoir that has reduced capacity due to silting. Then call us on 01553 611834 or 07768 234336 or email us. We can have it brought back to full capacity without the cost of replacing the membrane.

Watch the video to see the result of a recent clay lined farm reservoir desilting project, with a customer testimonial.