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Lake Surveying

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It is standard practice to have a surveyor take a look at a property before a sale takes place however if you are just buying land or if you’re buying a property that has a lake – you should also consider having the lake surveyed too. 

Why Is It Important To Survey A Lake?

When you buy a house, you are expected by mortgage companies to have it surveyed. The surveyor inspects the property for any faults and then reports back to the mortgage company. They will advise on its condition and make recommendations on whatever research might be necessary.

This knowledge will also give you an idea of how much money you will need to spend before you commit to purchasing the property to meet your own requirements.

The decision you make to buy the property also depends on how much all of those costs are. So, you might save yourself thousands later by spending a few hundred pounds on getting the property surveyed.

The same considerations should be applied when you buy a property which consists of land that has a lake on it. That lake could be overgrown or silted up, and that could be costly for you (the new owner) to rectify. Finding out about the quality of the water in the lake, it’s structural makeup and how much desilting is required should be of the utmost importance when considering your purchase.   Most people will think along the lines of “We’ll get that cleaned up once we move in,” without taking into account the expense of doing the job.

Overgrown, silted up ponds and lakes are an eyesore and can provide deplorable living conditions for many species of fish and wildlife.  Our lake restoration service leads to clean, clear water – a beautiful habitat for both yourself and flora & fauna. 

Silt can build-up inside of agricultural reservoirs and if it is not cleared from the water supply, it will not be able to store the usual/required amounts of water and could become contaminated with environmental and toxic waste if not properly maintained.

You might be in for a nasty shock if you decide to leave the surveying until after you have purchased your property or land with a lake. The cost of clearing a big pond or lake and desilting it can easily reach into the thousands. You won’t have any idea how much it will cost to clear it and get it back to its former glory without hiring a professional lake surveyor before you commit to buying. 

As silt build-up can cause many issues, from limiting the water capacity of the lake to contaminating them with environmental waste – they must be maintained and desilted as and when required by a professional desilting company. 


What Are The Benefits Of Surveying A Lake?

Although it’s recommended by experts like ourselves, only around 20% of land and home buyers with a lake on their estate decide to get it surveyed. 

This could be a big mistake and could be extremely costly in the long run. You could not only end up paying far too much for the property, but you could face considerable costs in the future repairing, dredging, desilting, resealing areas of the entire lake because of issues you were unaware of.

As part of the survey we can also carry out a chemical analysis of the silt which will allow is to recommend the best method of silt disposal. For instance, if the silt does have chemicals in it, you may not be able to spread the silt on adjacent land, it will need to be removed from site potentially adding quite a bit of cost to the project.



Why Hire Jex Silt Pumping Ltd To Survey Your Lake?

Jex Silt Pumping Ltd is an experienced lake surveying company with national coverage of the UK. We are experts in our field and also provide the services you will require to get your lake back up to scratch if there are any issues with it. 

With our lake surveyor service you will have: 

  • An affordable and comprehensive lake survey
  • A precise estimate of the cost of desilting the pond or lake 
  • Full information you need before you buy the property 

Before you go ahead and purchase the property you have in mind, it is highly recommended that you employ a lake surveyor and have lake surveyor services to find out exactly how much any work will cost you.  

Using our unique silt pumping methods, we can remove the silt from your lake quickly and easily. Our practices are also more cost-effective than dredging and will protect the structure of your lake, especially if it’s a lined lake. 

How Much Does Surveying A Lake & Desilting It Cost?

It is considerably cheaper than silt dredging, as silt pumping takes less equipment, less workforce, and less time to achieve. Jex Silt Pumping are UK experts at pumping silt from lakes and ponds.

We have the expertise, experience and equipment to help you save money as opposed to traditional methods of dredging and dumping. Our surveying costs are low compared to other companies in the UK.

About Us

Jex Silt Pumping Ltd is a British lake surveying, desilting and dredging company based in East Anglia. 

We are proud to provide nationwide lake surveying services.

Should you require Lake Surveying Services or would like to hire a contractor, then please contact us to discuss your requirements. We are always happy to discuss our surveying methods & how they can benefit you. 

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