Lake Surveyor Services


When you buy a property, mortgage companies require you to have it surveyed.
The surveyor will inspect the property for any defects, then report back to the mortgage company. They will advise on the condition of it and make recommendations on any work that may be required.
This information will also give you an idea about how much money you may need to spend to get it your own standards, before you commit to buying the property.
The decision that you make on buying the property often rests on how much all these cost are. So by spending a few hundred pounds on having the property surveyed, you could save yourself thousands later on. 


When you buy a property that consists of land with a pond or lake in it, the same considerations should be applied. That pond or lake could either be overgrown or silted up. Most people will think along the lines of “We’ll have that cleaned up once we move in” without considering the cost of doing the work.

Overgrown, silted up ponds and lakes are an eyesore, not good environments for many kinds of fish/wildlife. However, a clean and clear pond or lake is a beautiful environment for both wildlife and yourself.

The problem is, without having the pond or lake surveyed before you buy the property you could have a nasty shock!

The cost of clearing and/or desilting a large pond or lake can easily run into the thousands. Without hiring a specialist lake surveyor prior to committing to buying the property, you will have no idea how much it might cost to clear it and bring it back to its former glory.


At Jex Plant, we specialise in providing expert services in pond/lake clearance and desilting. We have the expert knowledge you need to know before you buy a property with a lake or large pond it.

With our lake surveyor service you will have:

  • An inexpensive yet thorough lake survey
  • A detailed estimate of the cost of desilting the pond or lake
  • The full knowledge you need before you buy the property

So before you go ahead and commit to buying that property you have in mind, it is highly recommended that you hire a lake surveyor and have lake surveyor services to find out exactly how much it will cost you to have that lake desilted or cleared.

Remember – Survey Today, Before You Pay!

For more information about our lake surveyor service, please call Peter on 01553 611834 or use this contact form to email us.