lake and pond desiltingSilt dredging is an invasive, expensive and often environmentally unfriendly form of silt removal.

Silt dredging usually involves heavy machinary that digs the silt up and places it in heavy trucks for removal to another location. Due to the amount of machinary and manpower required, and the environmental impact of such operations, silt dredging is a very expensive process even for small lakes or ponds.

Silt pumping however, removes the silt from your lake, pond or river using suction pumps to lift the silt and transfer it to another location. The silt can be contained in a holding tank, or subject to chemical analysis, can be spread on nearby land to form a nutrient laden fertiliser for crops or other land.

The main advantage of silt pumping, as opposed to silt dredging, is that it is quicker, requires less machinary and manpower, is more environmentally friendly, and as a consequence of these, silt pumping is less expensive than other forms of silt removal.

At Jex Plant, we have the expertise, experience and equipment to help you save money when compared with the cost of traditional dredge and dump methods.

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