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Pumping System – Dredging Applications

Q. What normally happens to the silt?
A. Unlike other dredging/silt removal methods, our silt pumping system only requires a small amount of water to pump the silt, therefore in most circumstances we can pump silt directly onto land, or into wooded areas, which means there is no need for dumper trucks to take the silt away, neither is there a need to prebuild bunded areas to hold the silt to drain the water off.

The video below shows you an example of this.

Q. Will your system pump silt?
A. Yes our pumping system is ideal for desilting lakes, pond, rivers, canals, reservoirs or settlement lagoons

Q. Do you need a big area to get your equipment in?
No. Our silt pumping system is compact and can be brought into normally inaccessible areas. If the area to be cleared is extremely small, we can still use our silt pumping system as long as the equipment is no further than 50 meters from the working area.

Q. Can you desilt a lake with Fish in?
A. Yes!

Q. I have a pond with a liner, can you desilt it?
A. Yes, our silt pumping system can desilt a lined pond or reservoir without damaging the membrane liner.

Q. How far can you pump the material?
A. We can pump material upto 800 meters away from the project area. Further distances are possible with additional equipment.

Q. Will your silt pumping system pump blanket weed and vegetation?
A. Yes, small to medium sized vegetation can go through our silt pumping system.

To find out more about how our silt pumping systems can be used to solve your desilting problems call Peter on 01553 611834 or 07768 234336, alternatively email Peter at

Silt Pumping System – Dry product Applications

Q. Will your silt pumping system pump sand?
A. Yes.

Q. Will your silt pumping system pump wet sand?
A. Yes.

Q. Can you pump stone?
A. Yes. Our pumping system will pump stone with a naturally round diameter of upto 60mm.

Q. Will your silt pumping system pump dry granular materials?
A. Yes.

Q. Can your system pump emergency spills, such as diesels or oils?
A. Yes.

Q. Can you pump waste products and sewage?
A. Yes.

Q. Do you hire your pump out?
A. Yes, we hire out our pumping systems with an operator, please contact us for more details.

Q. How does your pump work?
A. Our pumps work on compressed air, therefore drastically reducing out carbon footprint

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