Natural Swimming Pond Construction

If you have a large enough pond in your garden, have you ever considered turning it into a natural swimming pond?



In normal circumstances it would not be advisable to swim in a garden pond because they are rarely clean enough to safely do so. They usually have algae and other bacterial organisms in them and they are not safe for humans to swim in.

In conventional concrete pools, many chemicals are required to keep them clean and clear. If you read the instructions and warnings on the chemical container labels, you will notice that these chemicals can be extremely harmful to both people and the environment.

In natural swimming pond construction clay, gravel and rocks form the boundaries of the pool edges. If you are starting from scratch you will want to start by laying out a pool design with a garden hose or a string with stakes. If you want to convert an existing garden pond into a natural swimming pool, you may only need to desilt it, clean it out, add specific kinds of plantation and provide a method of circulating the water.

Plants are used as a natural filtration system in natural swimming pool construction. In addition to adding a pleasing look to your pool, they will also attract birds, dragonflies, and butterflies to your pool area. Other wildlife may use your pond as a water supply although you will probably only see them when you are not using the pool.

When constructing a natural swimming pond you should allow for about half of the pool’s surface to hold plants, as this will eliminate the need for harmful chemicals. This area will need to be separated from the swimming area by a wall about a foot under the water level. This will let the water splash over into the plant area to be filtered by the plants. This will attract frogs that will in turn eat mosquito larvae for you.

In natural swimming pond construction the shape of the hole is very important. It should have sloping sides to prevent the sides from caving in to the bottom. You can make your pool as deep as you like as long as you remember to slope the sides. You should only go down 1 foot for each 3 horizontal feet.

By choosing to convert your garden pond into a natural swimming pond you will eliminate the environmental impact of a conventional swimming pool, greatly enhance the beauty of your garden and provide a natural habitat for small creatures.

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