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Experienced Moat Desilting Contractors UK

Moat desilting is the removal of earthy materials such as mud, dirt, sand and sediment that is carried by water and wind and deposited as sediment inside a moat.

Problems arise in moats when there become water quality issues and where space-filling occurs, causing issues with the flow and storage of the water. This could lead to flooding, overflows, excretion of hazardous gasses and waste build-up which could create problems for fishing, boating and the overall beauty of the moat itself — fine sand etc. can also be carried by the water in the moat and deposited as a sediment.



Watch as we desilt a moat. This particular moat has a huge amount of silt and very little water. Using our moat desilting techniques, we brought the moat back to life.

Why Is Moat Desilting Important?

Owning and maintaining a moat can present many challenges, and one of them is silt build-up. Desilting your moat is important as silt can increase the risk of evaporation, algae blooming in your water supply and can reduce the amount of water your moat can hold. This can be of great concern, especially during periods of low rainfall.Silt can and will affect the structure of your moat and, if not dealt with, can cause further problems.

Clearing the silt from your dam is a great way to reduce sediment and remove the nutrients that algae need to grow. This will protect your water supply from becoming contaminated and reduces evaporation while increasing water volume in your moat. Clearing silt from your moat when it has been drained or desilted is one of the easiest ways to keep your moat clean.

Desilting your moat is a more sensible option to consider compared to expanding your moat or increasing its depth. It would also be better to carry out any moat extension work or moat deepening work after the desilting and draining of the moat has taken place.

Moat Silt – What Is It?

Silt is a fine, sandy mud, clay or other substance that builds up or is deposited in a moat or other waterway, making up the sediment within the water. This may make your moat look dirty, and can make it undrinkable for cattle.


How Do We Remove Silt From Moats?

Silt is removed from moats using silt pumping machines which can create a natural fertiliser for your land. 

If the silt is too dry to be pumped out, then we will use industrial machinery to dig it out and remove it by the truckload while being aware and caution of our natural surroundings, flora and fauna. 

Why It’s Important To Hire A Moat Cleaning Contractor?

Jex Plant UK Ltd is a British silt pumping company which is located in Kings Lynn but provides it’s contractor services throughout the UK and overseas if necessary. 

Jex Plant carries out silt disposal, silt dredging, and silt pumping work in moats, rivers, lakes etc. They are experts at mitigating the environmental effects of silt pumping and are always incredibly thoughtful when it comes to mother nature.

We provide surveying services for those wanting to purchase property or land that has moats and we cover the whole country meaning you can contract us for bigger jobs as well as small jobs with minimum silt build-up. We specialise in Pond Restoration and silt removal from lakes. Jex Plant are regarded by many as the UK’s leading experts on Lake Dredging and large Pond Desilting.

Clients Who Benefit From Our Moat Desilting Services

  • Homeowners
  • Landowners
  • Private Farms & Estates
  • Tourist Attractions 
  • Fishing Lakes
  • Farms 
  • and more

Moat Restoration Services – How Do We Desilt and A Moat?

Using our unique silt pumping system, we can easily desilt your moat and bring it back to life. We use environmentally and economically friendly methods, and we have diggers, excavators and dumper trucks if for any reason the pumping system is not suitable for the particular moat. 

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