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Industrial Tank Cleaning


Professional Industrial Tank Cleaning Services

Silts and sludges are waste streams that have a high solid content. If industrial tanks are not cleaned this waste can ammas at the bottom and around the sides and can cause blockages, drainage and storage issues. 

Professionally removing the silt and sludge buildup can prevent damage to your tanks and maintain the efficiency of any processes they are needed for.

Our specialist industrial tank cleaning services come accredited, and we are well equipped to handle large capacities of waste removal with differing amounts of sludge and silt. All work conducted is fully compliant, and health and safety is a topmost priority.


The Benefits Of Industrial Tank Cleaning Services

Should you keep silt or dispose of it? Our silt and sludge removal methods mean you can actually use your silt as fertiliser and spread it on your fields and land or store it, immediately after its been pumped.

DIY industrial tank cleaning would involve emptying the tank and sweeping out the bottom. While effective (eventually) it is extremely labour intensive and can be very dangerous. 

With this in mind, it is always better to hire professional industrial tank cleaners to undertake the job. 

Industrial tank cleaning companies will be able to provide you with fast, efficient services which incorporate some of the best technology available and use a unique silt pumping system to clean out industrial tanks in less time than other methods.

Silt pumping systems work by pumping out all of the dirt and silt buildups automatically.

How Much Does Industrial Tank Cleaning Cost?

Because silt pumping requires less machinery, human resources and takes less time to accomplish, it is cheaper than most other cleaning methods. JEX Plant Uk Ltd has the experience and equipment to help you save money and save time.

Industrial Tank Cleaning Services Near You 

We are a nationwide company and provide our industrial tank cleaning services throughout the UK and overseas on request. 

Jex Plant UK Ltd is a British silt pumping and dredging company.

Our HQ is located in Kings Lynn, and we are proud to service customers in our local area and the surrounding counties of Suffolk, Norfolk, Cambridgeshire (East Anglia), Hertfordshire, Essex and Kent as well as the whole of the UK.

We carry out silt disposal, silt dredging, and silt pumping work in order to clean industrial tanks and we are experts at mitigating the environmental effects and are always considerate of our surroundings. We apply the same working practices to tank cleaning as we do to pond dredging and silt removal from lakes – two of our primary business focuses.



How Do We Clean An Industrial Tank?

We provide traditional methods of tank cleaning services from the get-go. The silt that is pumped out of the tanks is put into our macerated unit which chops it all up the, removes stones and bulky compounds and turns the silt into a concentrated paste. 

The unique thing about our tank cleaning processes is that our system uses high-pressure air and does not use tremendous volumes of water. It is also relatively mess-free. 

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