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Sibelco slurry lagoon clearence

Testimonial from Sibelco

The following statement was provided to us from the team at Sibelco

As a large Industrial Minerals company we create solids as a by product of sand washing. The solids generated from our process settles into lagoons which from time to time, require cleaning out. Previously Sibelco used long reach machines which can be very messy as slurries have high water content and low solids. Four years ago Jex Plant was working at our Kings Lynn site and indicated they could pump the silt from the lagoons using a novel system.

Silt Pumping Solutions

In the first year of silt pumping it was evident that the system was a success. The method moved larger volumes of solids in a shorter period of time. It reduced vehicle movements and – when the job was complete – there was very little spillage – far better for the environment.

Sibelco have used Jex Plant over the last four years and are satisfied with their safety and work ethics. Their knowledge of silt pumping system is excellent and Sibelco are happy to continue using them as and when opportunities arise in the future.


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