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Private fishing lake dredging

The site of this private fishing lake dredging project made it quite difficult because there was a very narrow access and it did require the removal of one small tree.

Also the field around the pond was very wet so using a conventional dumper to transport the silt to the holding area was not possible. So in this case we used a tracked dumper to remove the silt.

Because of the vegetation and wildlife in the lake, and the fact that the client didn’t want that removed, we could not use our usual pumping system so for this project we used a floating dredging system, with a 3 tonne long reach excavator to dredge the silt from the lake. The silt was initially placed in a holding tank on the pontoons, and then transferred to the tracked dumper for removal to the holding area.

We removed around a meter of silt from across the lake area, and this project took around 10 days to complete. This is one of dozens of success stories in Lake Dredging and Pond Desilting. Jex Plant are regarded by many as the UK’s leading experts on Lake Restoration and large Pond Cleaning.

pontoon dredging
tracked dumper
lake dredging setup
pontoon lake dredging
transferring silt to a tracked dumper
completed fishing lake dredging project