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Pleasurewood Hills Lake Vegetation Clearance

A case study in Lake Dredging

Amongst other lake and pond dredging services, Jex Plant is sometimes contacted to provide lake vegetation clearance services. For this recent project, Jex Plant were contracted to remove weed and debris from areas at the Pleasurewood Hills lake, that had become blocked and unmanageable. We used a small digger on a floating pontoon to dredge the weed and debris out from around the perimeter of the lake so that the park authorities could then maintain the lake themselves.

Weed & Debris Removal

During the project, we had to segregate the weed and debris into a de-watering area, so we had to move it from the pontoon into a 9 tonne dumper for onward movement to the de-watering area. Once the weed and debris had dried out in the holding area, it was then disposed of. During this project, the park was still open to the public, and the cable cars where still running over the lake.

The Solution – a Floating Dredge Sytem

Originally the customer wasn’t sure how to execute this project, because the was too much debris to use a weed cutting boat and because of the cable cars going over the lake, a long reach excavator was also not an option either. With consultation with Jex Plant, it was decided that our floating dredge system was the best option to complete the project with minimal impact on health and safety and also allowing the cable cars to continue running for the visiting publics pleasure.

Lake weed and debris clearance, Pleasurewood Hills
Pleasurewood Hills lake vegetation clearance