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New pump makes moving solids a breeze

Moving Solids with Silt Pumping Systems

Traditional dredging requires a host of machinery and manpower, is very environmentally unfriendly and expensive. Addressing these issues, Jex Plant has been using pumping systems to desilt lakes, rivers, lagoons and reservoirs for over 15 years. These silt pumping methods have provided a more environmentally friendly, less expensive and faster alternative to traditional dredging methods.

However, existing silt pumping practices also have their drawbacks, the main one being that several tonnes of water is required to dislodge just 1 ton of silt. Accessibility of machinery and manpower has always been a problem too.

Vacuum Pump Solution

With the acquisition of a new vacuum pump, Jex Plant can now offer a service where even loose solids can be relocated. Materials such as stone, powders, heavy liquids, slurry and much more can now be pumped.
Running on 100% air and moving up to 30 cubic metres of material per hour, the pump itself can be up to 50 metres away from the work area and deposit the material in either skips, holding tanks or spread on land up to 1000 metres away from the project area.

Protecting the Environment

“We have always looked for ways of providing our clients with a better more environmentally friendly dredging service, and our new pumping system will allow us to do that”, said Peter Jex, Manager of Jex Plant, “Our new pump will help us provide a faster and cleaner service to clients large or small, while protecting the environment from unnecessary damage”.

The new pump can be used in many environments and applied to many different tasks, from desilting operations to oil spillage clearance to dry powder relocation. It can be used in restricted areas, can be fixed or mobile, can be used to quickly cleanup lorry spillages on roads and many other applications where traditional pumping methods are not appropriate.

To find out more about our silt pumping system, please call Peter onĀ 01553 611834 or use this contact form to email us.