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Fly Ash Lagoon Clearance

Case Study – Removing Fly Ash from a Lagoon

Traditionally Power Station Fly Ash Lagoons are emptied using excavation or dredging to recycle the waste fly ash.  This process is slow, and potentially very damaging to the environment, with spillage from the bulk haulage lorries and the transfer of the materials via the pickup on vehicle tyres, a real danger, and because of the amount of water in the material flocculents are needed.

Efficient Pumping of Fly Ash

At Jex Plant, we can use our unique technology to pump fly ash from lagoons into either a filter press or silt bags in order to dewater it. And, as our pumping system can pump upto 70% solids, the dewatering time required is significantly reduced, filter presses become up to 60% more efficient and the fly ash can be recycled extremely quickly.

Fly Ash Successfully and Economically Removed

Our system does not require a large amount of plant, therefore reducing the amount of onsite traffic. Using this brand new system, flocculent is not required. Our system is very flexible – we can remove fly ash via pontoons for larger lagoons or from the edge for smaller lagoons. Our system is suitable for use in plastic lined, membrane lined or clay lined fly ash lagoons.

We can also pump dry fly ash!

To find out more about our Power Station Fly Ash Lagoon clearance service, please call Peter on 01553 611834.