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Farm Moat Dredging Project
clogged up farm moat before dredging
clogged up moat before dredging
desilting and debris removal

This moat dredging project was a little unusual in that although this farm moat is on private land, it is classed as an ancient monument and therefore we had to work alongside English Heritage. As such we had to adhere to a joint plan that was drawn up and we were restricted on the depth of silt that we could remove.

With so much debris in the moat, we used a floating pontoon dredging system for this project in order to clear the vegetation.

Once removed from the moat the debris had to be sifted through by archaeologists under the watchful eye of a ‘watching brief’ in order to find and record any artefacts that may have been in the silt. Some artifacts where found, mostly from the 1940’s to 1950’s era, mainly pottery and iron work.

The farm owner left a lovely review on our Google business page:

I can’t speak highly enough for Peter and his team. He partnered with me every step of the way, did a grand job, priced it all fairly and even kindly went above and beyond to leave the site in tip top shape. Would highly recommend!

Mike Palmer

farm moat desilting
The results of moat desilting
results of moat desilting 2