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Duke of Wellington Estate Heating System

At the Duke of Wellington Estate, the stately house heating system is an water-sourced heat pump system that has coils placed in the lake. A fluid pumped through the coils and heat from the water is transferred to the fluid an then carried to the radiators in the stately home.

In the case of the Duke of Welling Estate the system initially worked well but as silt built up around the coils its effectiveness had decreased.

As the access to the lake was quite difficult and the grounds disturbance was to be minimised, coupled with removing the silt build up around the coils without damaging them, mechanical dredging methods had been ruled out and Jex Silt Pumping solution was deemed to be the best option.

As can be seen in the images, the silt from around the coils was pumped approximately 250 metres to a wooded area that would then settle and the grass grow through. With only two pipes laid across the grounds there was virtually no impact on it.

Once the coils had been exposed, the heating installation engineers could then test the coils and some where found to be defective and needed to be replaced.

Jex Silt Pumping Ltd is probably the only dredging and desilting company’s in the UK that could carry out this delicate operation. Contact us to find out more about how we might help you in such circumstances.