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Bawdsey Manor Landslide

As the result of the recent heavy rains, a landslide had filled in a pond operated by PGL Travel. As this pond is used for children’s adventure activities, they needed it cleared out. This pond was completely filled by the landslide.

Jex Silt Pumping was contracted to excavate the pond out to a depth of approximately 1.6 metres.

At the bottom, we encountered quite a bit of debris, in the soft silt at the bottom. This included old oars and children’s trainers.

Originally it was intended for the material to be moved offsite, so we conducted a chemical analysis of the silt to make sure that it was inert and without contaminants. However, it was then decided to place the silt into a wooded area where we then landscaped it to blend it in to the surroundings.

This project was completed two weeks ahead of the original schedule.