Aggregate Industustries Mepal Quarry Review

Detail of work: Pump silt from lagoon system to specified location within quarry boundary

Jex Plant attended site October 2008 with the scope of works removal of silt from two lagoons to a specified location within the Quarry boundary.

Historically speaking, movement of silt from the lagoons would normally be carried out by way of load and haul practices. Moblie plant requiremnets for such an operation are Excavator and three articulated dumpers. Using load and haul techniques for silt movement has in the past raised cost, environmental and safety issues and a s such a new approach was sought.

Jex Plant offered the right solution which in turn met our company requirements for improved targeted areas of Health and Safety while at the same time impacting on cost.

Using Jex Plant for such an essential operation carried with it many benefits.

Firstly the use of pumps for silt movemnets negated the need for increased traffic movements on site and removed many of the Health and Safety issues associated with Load and Haul operations in and around the silt lagoon areas.

Secondly, the cost and energy saving was apparent by way of silt moved against manpower and fuel use.

Silt movement can be a messy affair but through the use of Jex Plant, existing haul roads and access areas to the silt lagoon areas remained in good condition.

Jex Plant delivered in its promise for the sfae extraction of silt from our lagoon and in keeping with a tight timescale and budget. Should the requirement present itself once again for the movement of silt, I would ask Jex Plant to return.

Andrew Nicholas
Quarry Manager
Mepal Quarry

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