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Golf Course Water Feature Maintenance

Removing Silt from a Golf Course Lake

As with all bodies of water, golf course lakes and rivers will silt up over time. The effect this has on the wildlife living in and around these bodies of water can be great. Fish have shallower water to live in,  and the waterway will become chocked. But dredging a golf course lake or river has a huge environmental impact, not only on the lake or river itself but also on the movement of the slurry away from the site.

Avoid Damaging Fairways by Traditional Dredging

Using the traditional dredge, haul and dump methods could easily damage greens and fairways, as well as having health and safety issues with the movement of heavy dumper trucks around your golf course – making the cost of dredging your golf course lake much more costly.

Pump Silting is the Harmless Solution

At Jex Plant UK Ltd, we have developed a method of desilting golf course lakes and rivers that is much quicker, cheaper and has much reduced environmental effects on your golf course fairways and greens. By pumping the silt through pipes to holding tanks, we can move the silt without the need to have dumper trucks driving over your fairways, and with minimal disruption to the normal running of your golf course.

Our pumping systems ensure that your golf course lakes and rivers are cleared of silt, quickly and efficiently, and your golfers are back on the fairways enjoying the perfect round!


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