Essex Small Pond Silt Removal

This being a smaller project the methods remains the same to conventional dredging the machines and equipment are loaded in to a safe area.
Then they travel in on bog matts to the work area and a full drain down occurs again.

A area is found to dig a sump hole to direct any remaining water to that point keeping and water out of the way.
Once complete an 8ton excavator removed silt from and shallow depth area for a 3ton machine to drive in and then on bog matts to pass material closer to the digger on the side and the top. This had to be done due to only being able to access one side of the pond due to trees and obstructions that were desired to keep.

The 3ton digger on the pond bed on matts moved material to and edge when a 8ton digger would reach and load in a dumper and removed to a designated tipping site where it was block tipped in rows.
After the bulk has been removed the 3ton with smooth and shaped one side of the pond and the bottom. Then the digger will be removed. This was difficult as after it went in and more silt was removed the bed depth increased which required us to dig a ramp out. The 8ton continued to shape the opposite side and refill the ramp that is no longer need and returning it to its originally shape.

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