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Clivedon House Revisited

For the second part of the Clivedon House, National Trust pond desilting project we returned to desilt the second ornamental pond.

Again we placed Aqua dams between the two ponds so one could stay full with the fish. Once all the fish had been moved to the first pond, we could then begin work on desilting and cleaning the second pond.

As the park was to remain open to the public, we had to route our piping under footpaths so that we could pump the silt to a separate area of the park.

Our unique silt pumping method was used on this project to ensure the public’s safety, whilst minimising the disruption to the park.

When the pond was drained of water, we could then use our pumping system to clear away the silt from that pond and also from some connecting channels. Once the silt had been removed back to the concrete liner, we jet washed the concrete down which revealed some cracks. A specialist concrete contractor was then called in to line the cracks to prevent further leakage of the water.

The silt that was pumped from the pond was pumped into a fenced silt retaining an area and into dewatering fabric bags allowing the water to drain out, leaving just the dried silt which could then be transferred off the park.

before desilting
Before desilting
drained pond ready for desilting and cleaning
Pond drained and ready for desilting
Silt dewatering area
desilting a pond
preparing silt dewatering area
temporary aqua dam
clearing larger debris from pond
clearing vegetation from pond
silted up channel before desilting
Channel before desilting
Channel during desilting and cleaning
cleared channel
Channel after desilting and cleaning