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Brick lock desilting project

On some desilting projects, there are restrictions on access and on the weight of the machinery can also be a limiting factor. On this project at Brick Lock Island these restrictions applied as we couldn’t take the equipment over the tow path and there was a 3 tonne weight limit on the lock gates.

As we were desilting in the area of moored boats, those boats had to be moved downstream to allow access to the areas to be desilted, which was a bi tricky as the wind on that day was quite strong. Once the area had been desilted, the boats were then moved back to their original mooring.

For this project, the silt was moved via a dumper to a nearby piece of land that was full of large holes. The silt was spread to fill those holes and the it naturally levelled the ground.

When the desilting operations were completed and the equipment removed, the area around the lock was then landscaped to minimise the effects of our work.

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