Brentwood, Little Warley Pond Desilting

As seen in before photo spin arrival pond has already been drained completely with no inlets allowing it to stay dry.

The process carried out here started with the carful removal of the fence, following the cutting and logging of two trees surround the pond that was requested for us to dispose off.
This was done by logging and using a wood chipper to chip the branches which could then be placed and hidden under the silt that would be spread.

Conventional dredging could then take place using a 8ton excavator along the edges of the bank bulk digging the silt and loading a dumper to be tipped in a designated area ready from spreading and reshaping.
Once an area had been made to for a 3ton excavator to enter it would pass the material to the side of the bank ready to be loaded out with the 8ton.

After all silt removed it revealed the bottom of the pond to be very uneven and misshapen which was rectified but using both diggers to reshape with good clay with had beeen found with and gave a complete reshape making the look more appealing to the customers desire.





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