Silt removal using de-watering bags

silt removal using silt bagsCoventionally, if for instance a tanker were to be used, the solids to water ratio is around 70-80% water to 20-30% solids. This can easily translate to 80 – 90 tonnes of water to remove a single tonne of silt. So when you look at the cost of this, you would be paying for more water to be moved off-site than solids.

Silt de-watering bags are usually used where the pond or lake is situated in a place where dredging the silt and placing it in a dumper to be removed from the site is impractical. Or the silt needs to be moved off-site.

In these kind of situations we pump the silt into geo-textile bags. The silt is in the order of 80% solids to 20% water, and the bags allow the water to seep through the material whilst retaining the solids.

For our process you don’t need Floculent, which is a seperating chemical, separating the solid from the water. Therefore making our silt pumping methods much more environmently friendly than other systems.

using silt bagsAfter a week or two, all that is left in the bag is a stable solid product that can then be taken out of the bags and transported to a different location for composting etc.

Another way silt bags can be used, is as retention for a water body. After 2 – 3 weeks (when all the water has leaked out of the bag) the remainder can be moulded and shapable to form islands or other features in the water body. This is not achievable using any other method.


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