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Desilting Stillwaters


The Environment Agency has recently published a report called Desilting Stillwaters that outlines the consequences of silt buildup in bodies of water.


The report suggests using traditional dredging equipment and methods and how you can significantly reduce costs by distributing spoil either onsite or adjacent land.


Another issues that the report highlights is the need to be extremely cautious if the dredging operations are to take place in the close proximity to overhead power lines and overhanging trees.


However, of all the methods described in the report, silt pumping (removing the spoil by pumping it away to either spoil bags, which allow the water to drain from the silt, or spread over nearby land) is not one of them.


Using our silt pumping system, most of the issues mentioned in the report are mitigated. For the most part, you will not have to concern yourself with the extra expense of removing spoil, as we can pump it up to 1km from the site, and because our pumping system is only a few feet above water level, power lines and tree are rarely a concern for us.


To find out more about our silt pumping system, please call Peter on 0845 6890007 or use this contact form to email us.