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Whether you are looking for envionmentally friendly methods of desilting a lake, river, lagoon or garden pond, or want to move material from one location to another without having to hire diggers and dumpers or have a large impact on the environment, Jex Plant Pumping Systems has the solution.

Running on 100% air, and with no moving parts, our new pumps are capable of moving liquids or loose materials upto 1000 meters from their current location to the new holding area. This provides a huge amount of flexibility, and requires very little water.

Using our pumping system, we can move upto 20 cubic meters of material an hour through a single pipe laid across the land, making the environmental impact of such operations virtually zero. And with the pumping systems requiring only two man operation, your costs will be much reduced too.

We can move slurry, silt, powders, gravel, oils, topsoil and much more, and all of this without the need for huge amounts of water to help convey the materials through the pipes.

With our unique and extremely flexible pumping systems Jex Plant Pumping Systems has the solutions to your material movement problems.


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What happens to the silt we've pumped?

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